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5 Business Ideas with 100 Thousand Capital

5 Business Ideas with 100 Thousand Capital
5 Business Ideas with 100 Thousand Capital - Life As it became difficult, people began to evaluate their savings. Many others prefer to start a business while others prefer to start a business. Many 5 jobs with 1 thousand capital idea , but with less effort, more profitable work ideas are more important.

Banks find money and find comfortable work Deposit in Time Account
now by switching from your current job to a more comfortable 1 thousand TL in your hand You can deposit into the time deposit accounts of banks. Increasing interest rates banks make good profits. 1 thousand TL and around 1,6 TL in 3 days income. This process is completely undesirable expertise and effort It is the process. In addition, 1 thousand TL to remain in your pocket to earn is pretty good.

Buying and Evaluating Land Expect
If this amount does not put you in an emergency, you can invest forward. Think about your place of residence and 15 years ago. Considering how it develops, you can buy a large plot from the area where there is only land underdeveloped. Plots in the west, which receive continuous migration, will develop after years and everywhere will become factories, buildings and shopping malls. One of the best business ideas for future-oriented investment is to buy land and expect it to be valued. The land you bought for 1 thousand TL today can be sold for 1 million liras after 15 years.

Opening an Auto Accessories Shop
Day by day The number of cars began to increase. Each family now has at least 2 vehicles. Woman the number of drivers has been catching up with the number of male drivers. Every step we take is a car. There are so many cars in this category allows you to do a job. Auto gallery, auto electrical works quite is difficult and requires effort. Auto accessory business is simpler and more affordable more profit. Not only the store is limited to cars, motor and bike accessories. With a budget of 5 thousand TL You can open a luxury shop. By buying bulk products over the internet You can also bring it to a more affordable price.

Opening a Chinese Market Shop
Aliexpress, Buy and sell cheap items in bulk from Amazon and other Turkish sales sites You can do. You can buy a simple product that you bought for 1 TL and sell it for 3 TL. You can double up to 3 in a short time. For this, many Chinese market shops you need to take notes by browsing in detail. Which product is more and start entering small jobs. Firstly You can open a small budget in the form of souvenirs and You can develop. From technology products to kitchen products, cosmetics You can sell many items from products to gift items. This It is possible to buy the products in bulk from the internet very cheaply.

Opening Lingerie Shop
particular lingerie, which is a clothing sector that attracts women's attention, It brings. Colorful and latest slip panties for 1 TL You can easily buy 5 - 6 TL by buying. internal public in Turkey There are many companies selling lingerie and their prices are quite cheap. either You can make bulk purchases from these places, or By taking their laundry you can attract more customers. Although a simple Although it may appear as a sector, especially women underwear He spends. Besides him, colorful boxers attract the attention of men. Attract. Renting a small shop starts with a small budget You can improve your shop. This requires a lot of high budgets. There is no.