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The Day Forex Guide To Profitable Trading

The Day Forex Guide To Profitable Trading
The Day Forex Guide To Profitable Trading - Do you want to make larger and easier profits with your online day trading?  Are you looking for a day forex guide to profitable trading of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and currency online?  Here are my top 3 hints to day trading profits.

Hint #1 - Balance your portfolio

You have to maintain a strong balance between long term investments and short term investments.  Make sure that you have a large chunk of your money set aside in safer investments that will achieve gains over 10 years or so.  Also make sure that your calculated riskier investments for short gains are substantial.

I like to put about 30% of all my investments into 3 different long term stocks, 2 mutual funds, and I buy bonds from time to time also.  These are all safer investments and will allow me to retire sooner rather than later.

Hint #2 - Do your research

I like to know what I am putting my money into.  I like to know that the company or companies I am investing is have a strong management team, a product that fills a need, and are going to profit over time.  I have certain criteria that I follow in order to fit a company into my portfolio

Hint #3 - Watch the trends with young people

Our future is held in our young people and they will set the trends that can make you a ton of money.  If you were to invest in the next hottest product when the stock is first offered and then, sell right before it goes out of style, you could be the proud new owner of many Benjamin Franklin's ($100 bills).

This happens all the time and by knowing what the next hot item is going to be you can cash in on short term investments.  There are a lot of day traders that make a ton of money by doing this.

Use my top 3 hints to start trading online now.  I also want to mention that currency trading is becoming more popular and is a great way to get started with online trading.