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How Harvard Business School Deems a Network Marketing Opportunity Desirable

How Harvard Business School Deems a Network Marketing Opportunity Desirable
How Harvard Business School Deems a Network Marketing Opportunity Desirable - There are thousands of network marketing opportunities that pop up each year, but did you know that a staggering amount (in the realm of 90%) of all network marketing companies fail just months after commencing operations? Can you imagine being a participant in the company, and after building a six-figure income, it is then ripped out from under you, leaving your cashflow negative and sending you into the workforce yet again? In this article, I am going to show you exactly how Harvard Business School deems a network marketing opportunity desirable, giving you a simple 3 step process to seeing whether it is worth it to "get in" and whether it's that "right time."

Factor 1: Stability

In order to be deemed a desirable network marketing opportunity, the company which offers the opportunity must be operational for at least 18 months. Why 18 months? 90% of all network marketing companies fail within 18 months of commencing operation. I wouldn't want a six, seven or eight-figure income ripped out from under me, as I am sure you don't either. Make sure that your company, from an outside and inside view, appears to be stable.

Factor 2: Product Uniqueness

It would be kind of hard to sell a product/service if that product/service had nothing special about it, right? Great network marketing companies are built on exclusive and first-to-to market products. As the saying goes, "first comes the innovator, then the immitator, then the idiot." I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to represent the immitator, or idiot, as it does not leave much room for your to grow in your market. Harvard Business School requires products of a network marketing opportunity to be both unique and highly consumable. This means that the product must not be a one-time purchase, and must be a product that would normally be purchased in a loyal customer manner (purchased time and time again). Products that are bought time and time again allow you to only increase your customer base when finding new customers instead of needing to find new customers to replace the old.

Factor 3: Market Saturation

In order for a business to be deemed desirable, their must be less than 1.5 million people participating in the business. For the business to be considered as cutting edge, their must be less than five-hundred thousand people in the business, and for the business opportunity to be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity, their must be less than 100,000 people within the business. Make sure that their is enough market for you to personally saturate, and take advantage of those once in a lifetime opportunities.