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Mesothelioma Treatment Costs

Mesothelioma Treatment Costs
Mesothelioma Treatment Costs - Like all forms of malignant cancers, the overall cost of mesothelioma treatment is very expensive. A mesothelioma patient's care may be thousands of dollars per month. The major factors affecting mesothelioma treatment costs include age, side effect of the treatment, the effects of the treatment on the overall health and the probabilities of survival, as well as the stage and severity of disease and the body parts over which the affliction has spread.

Mesothelioma is a cancerous affliction, primarily of three kinds - pleural, peritoneal and pericardial. A variety of treatment options, including surgery, radiology, and chemotherapy, are needed to cure this malady. Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to damage tumors and stop them from further growing and dividing. Surgery completely removes the afflicted organ or its part. Chemotherapy is a treatment used to kill the tumor cells by injecting medicines intravenously into the ailed areas. The cost of these therapies and follow-up treatments are very high. Occasionally, a combination of two or more treatment method becomes essential to handle the disease.

In general, mesothelioma treatment costs include fees for the physician, significant periods of hospitalization, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. In certain occasions, the patient and family members must travel far distances to reach a facility where the best mesothelioma treatment is provided. This will incur them the additional expenses of airfare, lodging, and related travel expenses.

Majority of mesothelioma diseases are directly associated to asbestos exposure. It is usually due to the willful carelessness of an employer, who does not issue the necessary warning before offering employment. Hence the liability of bearing mesothelioma treatment cost lies directly with the employer.  The patient should consult an attorney who has a good idea of the cost of treatment. Mesothelioma treatment costs in such cases can be recovered easily from the employer.

Estimate shows that the medical costs associated with this type of treatment exceed $150,000. Mesothelioma treatment costs also differ depending on where the treatment is provided.

Many medical insurance plans available in the market cover mesothelioma treatment costs.  Check your health insurance policy to see what sort of coverage you have.